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Information for Parents


What We Offer
Our Brotherhood
There are many benefits to having your child join not just any fraternity or organization, but Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. specifically.
We put great focus on building your child’s character to bring out the best in them. Leadership is not a quality that you read in a book and automatically have it.
You have to be able to exercise it and develop it in the real world.
Network of Professionals
After our members graduate, they have the opportunity to network with older members who can provide job information and sometimes hire them directly.
Become A Leader
Our collegiate chapters give plenty of opportunities to become a leader. All members must have an executive role in their chapter or group. From being the secretary to chapter president, each member builds on experience gained from having responsibilities that you would find in a real world business setting. Think of it like owning your own company. Its up to each member to make sure their chapter is successful in accomplishing the fraternities metas on their campus.
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