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Our Mission
“Our mission is to build a network of professionals that promotes brotherhood, scholarship and service to the community."

The mission of Latino America Unida, Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc. is to be a network of professionals that promotes brotherhood, scholarship and service to the community. The fraternity promotes brotherhood by providing its members personal and professional support on an undergraduate and alumni level. Our members pursue scholarship not only for professional advancement, but to attain personal growth. The brotherhood serves the community by sponsoring events which aide those in need, promoting cultural awareness, and enriching the collegiate environment. Every member must continue to uphold the mission and goals of the fraternity, as they are the common values that distinguish us as Hermanos of Lambda Alpha Upsilon.
Our Vision
The vision of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity is to expand our brotherhood and the services we provide to our communities while maintaining our culture and values. All endeavors pursued by the fraternity, as well as its members, must serve to realize and enhance the mission and goals of our fraternity.
Our Motto
¡Venceremos Porque Nacimos Para Triunfar!
We Will Overcome Because We Were Born To Triumph!
Our "Metas"/Goals
1. To unite the Latino community
2. To provide a strong and solid base for Latino culture
3. To support each other personally and academically
4. To establish a network of professionals
5. To expand our brotherhood to an international level
6. To ensure that the number of Latinos in education is ever increasing
7. To enrich our environment with Latino pride and spirit
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